Details & FAQ

  • We are available for hire anywhere within a few hours drive of Sheffield.
  • We bring and operate our own public address (PA) system.
  • Ceilidhs are suitable for all ages, from small children to senior citizens. All of the dances are explained by a dance caller and can be done with no prior knowledge or skill. We work with several different callers, all of whom are very good – personable, fun, and great at explaining the dances.
  • We are 100% reliable. In the unlikely event that one of us cannot make the gig due to unexpected illness etc. we have back up musicians who we can use as stand-ins. However, we will always inform you if that happens and check that you still want to go ahead.
  • We are flexible, professional musicians who are expert in many styles of music. If you want anything specific, just let us know.

Other FAQ

How long is a ceilidh?
We are happy to play for as long or short as you like, but our general suggestion is that a ceilidh be composed of two sets of 1- 1.5 hours, with a break in the middle, so 2-3 hours dancing in total.

Do you have public liability insurance / is your equipment PAT tested?
Yes. Certificates available on request.

How long do you take to set up?
We need 1.5 hours to set up our PA system, including sound checking.

We have only a single room, and we’ll be eating in it beforehand, how will the setting up work?
We have often done the setting up quietly at the side of the room during a meal, and then done the sound check while the tables are being cleared away.

Can you learn a specific song for a “first dance” / accommodate a specific request / play some listening music too?
Almost certainly, just ask.

We’d like a slow “first dance” but have no specific music in mind. Do you have something slow and romantic you can play for it?
Yes. And it is super romantic.

Can you do a special “last dance” that enables me and my new spouse to make a dramatic exit?
Yes, we have just the dance. It ends with everyone making a long line of arches leading to the door which you can exit down. But it only works if you do intend to leave then – no sneaking back in!

Can we play recorded music through your PA system during breaks?
Yes. Just bring an ipod or some such if you have specific music you want to play.

Can we use your PA system beforehand for speeches, or afterwards for a disco?
Sometimes. This is something we assess on a case-by-case basis. We try to be accommodating but it does depend on where the gig is and how late you will need us to stay around. When we say yes, we charge a bit extra to cover our time.

Do you own a lighting rig?
No. But we can hire lights if you want them.

What size room do ceilidhs require?
It is generally fine in whatever size room – we can just adapt to accommodate it. However, if you want a guideline, a general one is to allow about 1.5 square metres per dancer, but bear in mind that probably only about a half of those present will be dancing at any one time. If more people do want to dance it is no tragedy; being a bit squashed can be quite fun.

How much room does the band and PA system take up?
Ideally we need an area 2 x 3 metres for us and the PA system, although in situations of dire spatial limitation we can squish a bit.

Do you do a reduced rate on less popular days?
Yes, we do a reduced rate on any day that isn’t a Saturday (unless it is a special holiday like New Year’s Eve). Get in touch for details.

How do you get people to dance?
We almost never have any difficulty getting people up to dance – where people are reluctant to dance at ceilidhs it is generally due to an inexpert caller who doesn’t know how to enthuse the room. But if all else fails we may shoot at people’s feet with water pistols (only kidding. We would never do that).